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About Scott

In 1994 I was living and working in London as a Chartered Accountant for a merchant bank. I had a small workshop out the back of my West Kensington basement flat where I would tinker with wood and make things. Woodworking was a hobby of mine.

At an exhibition of fine furniture I came across a magnificent chest of draws made by the late Mr Alan Peters of Somerset, England, a piece similar to that shown in his excellent book “Cabinetmaking, the Professional Approach” — I was mesmerized by this chest. I had no idea that furniture could be so fine and that joinery could be so perfect.

I wondered… could I learn to make furniture of a similar standard?

A few weekends later I met and was very impressed with David Charlesworth and his workshop in Hartland, Devon.


David, showed me examples of his and his students work that were incredible — I was sold — So in June of 1995 my adventure with David in Hartland began.

I had saved enough money to spend eight months with David in his workshop. It was an enlightening experience, and a journey through what was involved in making a fine piece of furniture.

What I learnt from David are the techniques of fine furniture making. Once you know these techniques, you can make any piece of furniture. Any problem can be solved. It encompasses the understanding of wood, the preparation of tools and blades, the making of tools to achieve a result and the use of these tools to achieve amazing results.

I have learnt the best way to make furniture that will last forever and remain fully functional.

Yallingup Steading, 364 Marrinup Dr, Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282
Phone: +61 8 9755 2765 | Email:

When I returned to Australia I commenced working with Rob Malcolm in Yallingup at his workshop “Design Wood”. There we made one off pieces to commission.

I also bought six acres of natural bushland and started to build the “Steading”. The “Steading” took me four years to build in every minute of spare time I had. The Steading is made from limestone and jarrah. The building process was also a wonderful journey and a great learning experience.

I lived in a rugged shed on the block with no phone or TV and no running water for two and a half years. I showered under a tree all year round and cooked by the open fire. Life was simple. That shed was where I kept my main machinery – a large 400mm wide planer, a 400mm wide thicknesser, a bandsaw and dust extraction unit. All of the handwork was done in the “Steading”.

Image by Damion Warr

It was time for a proper, stand alone Steading.

Working where you live is challenging. Two and a half years working as an Assistant Shotfirer for Action Drill & Blast at both Cape Lambert and Roy Hill was exactly what I needed. It paid for the new Workshop. The roster was four weeks on and one week off. Perfect for what I needed. During the five month break between Cape Lambert and Roy Hill I built the stone walls that retain the Steading.

We have many things planned for a vibrant fine furniture workshop.

Yallingup Steading will continue to film making processes on different pieces of furniture as well as take photos and write articles for members to access free.

Come and visit us at 364 Marrinup Drive, Yallingup, Western Australia 6282. We are open to the public from 10.00am until 5pm Friday to Tuesday.


Image by Damion Warr

Yallingup Steading

Yallingup Steading - July 2015
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Yallingup Steading is a purpose built Woodworking Workshop.

It has a large Handroom which will house up to four workbenches. These benches will be for Craftsmen and students. All of the making will take place in the Handroom. There is also a separate Machine Room and Display Area.

The Steading is wheel chair friendly.

The Steading is located in a beautiful part of southern Western Australia and is surrounded by magnificent coastline renowned for its surfing breaks and great fishing.

We will be making bespoke furniture on commission; continuing to make wonderful movies, and also offer a variety of courses for people interested in the accurate preparation and use of a range of handtools, using machinery safely and effectively and the techniques used by Craftsmen to make fine pieces of furniture.

Shooting an African Blackwood door catch.
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Hand Tools – the tools that allow us to achieve the very accurate, fine results that destinguish bespoke furniture.

The variety of hand tools available is huge. We will narrow it down and select only the ones we really require. There are also many tools that we make to fit specific tasks. Excellent tools that are well maintained will become a huge asset to your business. Having the tool in great condition available when you need it is crucial to efficiency.

The sharpening of blades and edges does not have to be time consuming. There also quick and efficient ways to ensure your edges are always razor sharp.

I have prepared a list of the basic handtools required for a start in fine furniture making. This list is available under the ‘Furniture School’ tab.

Table mounted router
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I do not have a lot of machinery. I have the basics.

There are some machines that I would benefit from having but space has restricted me to what I currently have. These machines do all of the tasks that I require.

At Yallingup Steading you will learn how to use all of the machinery safely and efficiently. I generally use the machines to dimension timber very close to its final dimensions. The final cleaning up is done with fine blades.

The machinery at Yallingup Steading is housed in a separate ‘Machine Room’. The machines are dust extracted and well maintained.

Presently we have a large Griggio Panel Saw, a 400mm wide Casadei Surface Planer, a 400mm wide Sicar Thicknesser, a Rapid 500 Aggazani Bandsaw, an additional large Bandsaw dedicated to re-sawing, a range of routers – both hand held and table mounted, a drill press, a crosscut saw. a Festool Domino and Festool Orbital Sander and a lathe.

Beautifully figured Jarrah doors with Brazilian Purpleheart handles.
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We use the wonderful variety of local timbers and when we are lucky we get to use a huge range of other timbers from all over the world.

The beautiful local timbers include Jarrah, Blackbutt, Sheoak, Tuart and Marri.

We also use American Black Walnut, American Cherry, American Maple, English and European Oak and any other timbers that we are fortunate enough to find.


Injidup Beach
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Yallingup is a small seaside country town in southern Western Australia.


Image by Damion Warr

If you have a special piece of furniture that you want made with structural integrity and fine craftmanship, then come and see me at Yallingup Steading or send me an email to

Commissioning a piece is a personal journey between myself and the client. We will design the piece based on your requirements and your budget. We will then sit down and refine the design if needed to ensure the client is completely comfortable with us proceeding.

Coming Soon to Yallingup Steading – maximum number of students will be three.


We have three professional Workbenches dedicated for students. We have a range of Courses to suit passionate Woodworkers who are seeking to get the most from their handtools and refine their skills.

Please go to the ‘Furniture School’ tab for a full range of Courses on offer.


Woodworking DVDs


Accurate Preparation of Plane Blades, Chipbreakers & Hand Planes

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • What comprises the complete Sharpening Kit.
  • What is Sharpness?
  • What are Japanese Waterstones?
  • How to flatten Waterstones.
  • How to polish the back of the blade.
  • What is The Ruler Trick?
  • How to Grind the initial bevel using a Whetstone Grinder.
  • How to hone the primary bevel on waterstones.
  • How to prepare a curved blade.
  • How to hone the secondary bevel on Waterstones.
  • How to resharpen a curved blade.
  • How to prepare the Chipbreaker.
  • How to accurately prepare a Hand Plane.
  • How to accurately prepare the Frog.
  • How to prepare the Frog Mounts in the Plane body.
  • How to prepare the top surface of the Frog.
  • How to prepare the Plane mouth opening.
  • How to set the Frog in the Plane.
  • How to flatten the Plane sole.
  • How to care for your Hand Plane.

Duration: 124 minutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


How to use Hand Planes and Shooting Techniques like a Master to Prepare Flat Faces and Square Edges - Quickly, Easily and Accurately

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • The basic tools needed to commence planing-up
  • How to determine grain direction
  • What are ‘face sides’ & ‘face edges’?
  • How to plane a face side
  • How to remove the machine ripple
  • How to hollow the length
  • How to hollow the width
  • How to remove the wind or twist
  • What are winding winding sticks?
  • How to plane a face edge
  • How to plane the end grain with a block plane
  • How to use the block plane for bevelling
  • What are shooting boards?
  • How to shoot end grain
  • How to freehand shoot long grain
  • How to shoot veneer
  • How to fit cabinet hardware perfectly

Duration: 90 minutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


How to Quickly and Accurately Prepare, Sharpen and Resharpen Chisels & How to Prepare and Use Precise Marking Out Tools

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Accurate Chisel Preparation & Sharpening:
  • How to flatten waterstones.
  • How to flatten / polish the back of the chisel.
  • How to grind the initial bevel.
  • How to hone the primary bevel on waterstones.
  • How to hone the secondary bevel on waterstones.
  • How to resharpen a chisel quickly and accurately.
  • Accurate Preparation and Use of Marking Knives:
  • How to flatten / polish the back of a marking knife.
  • How to hone the bevel.
  • How to use a marking knife.
  • Accurate Preparation and Use of Marking Gauges:
  • What to look for in precise marking gauges.
  • How to prepare a cutting pin for precise marking out.
  • How to shape the pin.
  • How to change the location of the pin.
  • How to use a marking gauge.
  • How to make a pencil gauge.

Duration: 72 minutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


How To Make and Fit Unique Cabinet Hardware

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • Planing Up’ – Initial surface preparation
  • Marking out the tenons
  • Shooting the long grain edges of the individual pieces
  • Shaping the finished tenons
  • Marking out and cutting the shoulders
  • Final shaping of the tenons
  • Preparing the mortices for the tenons
  • The first fit; tweaking, and finish sanding
  • A light wax before the glue-up
  • Glueing up the handles
  • Accurate marking out for placement of the handles
  • Fitting the handles
  • Glueing the handles to a door

Duration: 40 minutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


How to Make, Fit and Hang Veneered Doors

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • Carcass Preparation’ required for Doors:
  • Carcass preparation and hinge placement
  • Marking out for the hinge location
  • Inlaying the hinges and preparing the screw tapping holes
  • Fitting door stops and door stops/lifters
  • Fitting door catches
  • Making, Fitting and Hanging the Veneered Doors:
  • Substrate preparation
  • Preparing the edge lipping
  • Preliminary fit of the lipped substrate
  • Preparing the face veneers
  • Planing the door for the final fit
  • Inlaying the hinges into the door
  • Hanging the door
  • Shooting the door stops to fit the door
  • Fitting the door catches

Duration: 90 minutes

International Price: $19.95 (US)
Australian Price: $19.95 (AU)


How to Prepare a Carcass for Piston Fit Drawers & How to Make and Fit Piston Fit Drawers

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • Carcass Preparation’ for Piston Fit Doors:
  • Preparing drawer runners
  • Preparing drawer stops
  • Preparing drawer kickers
  • Preparing drawer guides
  • Making and Fitting the Dovetailed Piston Fit Drawers:
  • A brief look at the drawer components
  • Selecting the drawer sides and fitting them individually
  • Fitting the drawer back
  • Fitting the drawer front
  • Preparing and fitting drawer slips
  • Putting a scratch bead into the drawer slips
  • Marking out for the drawer base
  • Preparation for glueing up the drawer
  • Glueing up the drawer
  • Fitting the drawer slips
  • Preparing and fitting the drawer base
  • Planing the drawer to fit
  • Setting the drawer stops

Duration: 147 minutes

International Price: $19.95 (US)
Australian Price: $19.95 (AU)


How to Cut Single Lap Dovetails & Through Dovetails Quickly and Accurately

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • The three main types of dovetails
  • ‘Long grain’ glueing and ‘Mechanical strength’
  • Tools used in dovetailing
  • How to Cut Single Lap Dovetails:
  • Setting your marking gauges
  • The layout of the dovetails
  • Sawing the ‘tails’ and ‘shoulders’
  • Removing the waste from the ‘tails’
  • Marking out the ‘pin’ layout
  • Removing the waste from the ‘pins’
  • How to Cut Through Dovetails:
  • Marking gauge settings
  • The layout of the dovetails
  • Sawing the ‘tails’ and ‘shoulders’
  • Removing the waste from the ‘tails’
  • Marking out the ‘pin’ layout
  • Removing the waste from the ‘pins’

Duration: 70 mnutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


A Detailed Look at Sideboard Carcass Construction

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • Understanding wood movement
  • My glue-up philosophy
  • Carcass glue-ups 1 through to 8
  • The carcass base
  • Flushing the carcass joinery
  • The carcass back
  • Making the spacer frame and shrinkage buttons

Duration: 47 minutes

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)


How to Achieve Perfect Long Grain Edge Joinery & How to Attach a Solid Top to Allow for Movement

What you'll learn in this dvd

  • Introduction
  • How we achieve the perfect join
  • Planing a hollow along the length of the edge
  • Glueing up the top
  • Attaching the top to the sideboard
  • Making the shrinkage buttons


Duration:  40 minutes.

International Price: $14.95 (US)
Australian Price: $14.95 (AU)

The DVDs I ordered from you arrived here in Switzerland today.
I was eager to watch a bit of one, and since my wife was sitting in our livingroom I asked her if she could tolerate watching a bit of one. I cracked open the one for using handplanes and popped it into the player. It was great. My wife, who originally could not imagine how someone could find 'flattening boards' interesting, enjoyed the DVD. As for me, it exceeded my expectations. I look forward to watching the other DVDs.
As she was watching the DVD she said something like "Cool. It's really important isn't it?".
The material was excellent. Your presentation was great. And having it filmed in a nice setting, as opposed to some windowless shop, made it even more enjoyable.
Anthony M - Switzerland

I have just finished getting through the 3 Hand Tool DVD's I ordered from you. I found them to be excellent and they addressed all my current needs. I particularly liked the extreme attention to detail that you both demonstrated and explained with the various techniques covered by the DVD's.
All too often much of the very fine detail is not properly explained in instructional DVDs but not in your case. I would be interested in any future DVDs you produce and would be happy if you informed me of such when they become available.
Phil L - QLD, Australia

Gday Scott
I've been watching your DVDs and been very impressed. As far as I can tell, there is nothing like it on the market, be it here in Australia or the USA
Content and presentation are superb . Both are well organized, methodical and paced at a rate that can be understood well.
The concept of building a piece of furniture piece by piece is very novel , very useful and reduces the fear factor dramatically.
Very well done and its done here in little old ,far away West Australia.
You are to be congratulated. Well done!!!!!
Anton O - WA, Australia

G'day Scott,
I have watched 4 of 6 DVD's so far and have enjoyed what I've seen. There is a lot of furniture making know-how in these DVD's. I did enjoy your attention to detail and the refinements you use like the drawer stops, hand made door catches and door handles and the ironwood inlay for the drawer runners. Fantastic. I must admit that when I first saw the design of the sideboard in your ezines I wasn't taken with it but now the piece appeals to me.
Paul H - WA, Australia

Hello Scott, I purchased you 9 DVDs. So far I am very impressed. I am on the 5 th DVD and I have never heard of such information which is great. Angel R - Ohio, USA

I bought all nine DVDs and I must admit that you have changed my thinking on the use of hand tools, specifically planes, and how they can be used to improve the quality of the project! Your explanation of the entire process was most helpful and I expect to wear out the DVDs watching them many times over to fully absorb what you teach! You make it very easy to understand. Robert S - Ohio, USA

Dear Scott,
Just to say that the DVD's made it safely to Dubai.
I have started watching and I am really impressed. A great product and I can't wait to view the complete set.
Neil S - Dubai

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Comprehensive DVD's replicated in both PAL and NTSC formats that assume no prior knowledge of the making process. These DVD's have been filmed whilst making a real piece of furniture and cover every aspect from start to finish. Check them out. They're awesome. View Testimonials

It’s a real lesson in excellence but simply explained.
Carol Russell,
Australian Wood Review magazine


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Furniture School

Come to Yallingup Steading – Learn new skills and discover the joy of fine woodworking..

Yallingup Steading is a professional, purpose built Workshop. It is equipped with three professional workbenches for students. The Workshop is equipped with all of the machines necessary to make fine furniture to exhibition standard – large panel saw, crosscut saw, machine planer, machine thicknesser, routers – hand held and table mounted, bandsaw dedicated to resawing, bandsaw for shaping, drill press, lathe, hollow chisel mortiser, whet stone grinder and grinder for sharpening.

The machines are fully dust extracted. In depth guidance on best machining practice and methods will be discussed and demonstrated throughout all of the courses on offer.

There is a large selection of quality hand tools available to students, although I do encourage you to bring your own so that you are preparing and sharpening your own tools for future use. Hand tools rarely work straight from the box. There is usually some fettling of the tool that is required in order for it to achieve its optimal performance. Cheaper tools will generally require more work than more expensive tools. Fettling your hand tools will give you a wonderful understanding of what is required to make them work properly and how you can achieve that result. If tools cease to work properly in the future you will be able to ‘troubleshoot’ to determine the problem.


The Courses offered at Yallingup Steading are intimate Courses where the student receives constant supervision and guidance every step of the way. Specifying hard and fast timelines on ‘making courses’ is very difficult. Some may make quickly and others may be a little slower. It doesn’t matter. It is the journey and the end result that matter. If something takes you a little longer, it is ok. Your time at Yallingup Steading should be enjoyable and fun. You will leave with a brand new set of skills, some beautifully tuned and sharp tools (if you bring your own), and some very special pieces of furniture that you will treasure forever.

Yallingup Steading also has an extensive library of Books, Magazines and DVD’s, all of which are available to students.

I have endeavored to structure the Courses so that there is a natural progression in skill sets. It is not necessary for students to have completed previous Courses in order to undertake a specific Making Course – for example you may already possess excellent, sharp tools and be proficient at the various woodworking joints, so there is no need for you to undertake the Introductory Course.

If you would like to make a booking please contact Scott via email at or by telephone on +61 8 9755 2765. A 30% deposit will secure your booking.

Yallingup Steading has three professional workbenches dedicated to students.

The following Courses are available for Students. If one of these Courses does not meet your requirements and you require something more specific then contact Scott to have a course tailored to your needs.

If students are interested in immersing themselves into fine furniture making then longer courses can be held – please contact Scott if you are interested in spending longer in the Workshop.

The Courses offered are available to a maximum of three students. You will receive Scott’s complete attention throughout the entire Course.  Scott will watch you and guide you throughout the Course and ensure your techniques are sound.